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Re: [dinosaur] Moab dinosaur track site videos + sauropod toe claws + Portuguese pterosaur tracks + more

There is a new news release from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History about the sauropod toe and claw research:


On Fri, Nov 11, 2016 at 2:03 PM, Ben Creisler <bcreisler@gmail.com> wrote:

Ben Creisler

Some recent items:

Fossil Friday Roundup: November 11, 2016



When is a fossil a fossil? by Phil Manning



Guided video tours of dinosaur track sites around Moab, Utah


Sauropod back claws formed a "hoe" for digging, a follow-up to a video posted a few days back from the Cleveland Museum:

based on this ref:

Hall, Lee E., Ashley E. Fragomeni, and Denver W. Fowler (2016). "The Flexion of Sauropod Pedal Unguals and Testing the Substrate Grip Hypothesis Using the Trackway Fossil Record." In Dinosaur Tracks: The Next Steps, edited by Falkingham Peter L., Marty Daniel, and Richter Annette, 139-51. Bloomington; Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 2016. 

Note that most of this chapter can be previewed in Google books starting on page 139 (with some blanked-out pages):


More on Cleveland Museum Dinofest



More on 300 pterosaur tracks discovered at Praia da Peralta in Portugal in 2010; now have been studied in a  thesis (Simon Kongshøj Callesen: "New Pterosaur Tracks (Pteraichnidae) from the Late Jurassic of Praia da Peralta, Portugal"); tracks show quadrupedal gait and are bigger than any Jurassic  pterosaurs known from fossil bones; with audio from Octávio Mateus (in Portuguese)



I posted this blog  link earlier:

Discovered in 2010 and now described in a doctoral thesis


Xu Xing interview about using dinosaur research to inspire  interest in science in children (in Chinese)



Early mammal tooth function


More on paleoart


Dinosauromorphs from Brazil