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[dinosaur] [Dinosaur] Skin impressions of the last European dinosaurs


A recently published paper on dinosaur skin impressions from the latest Cretaceous of Europe:

Fondevilla, V., Vila, B., Oms, O., Galobart, À. 2016. Skin impressions of the last European dinosaurs. Geological Magazine.

Southwestern Europe is one of the best regions for characterizing the dinosaur assemblages that prevailed just before the end-Cretaceous extinction. Aiming to better document this scenario, we provide the first evidence of dinosaur skin
impressions in the red-beds of the Tremp Formation (southern Pyrenees). The impressions are assigned to sauropods (probably titanosaurians) on the basis of their scale morphology, arrangement and size. They represent a valuable
tool for analysing the last occurrences of the sauropod clade before the K–Pg extinction, as they fall within chron C29r (latest Maastrichtian), thus representing some of the last in situ remains of this clade worldwide.

Skin impressions of the last European dinosaurs - VÍCTOR FONDEVILLA, BERNAT VILA, ORIOL OMS, ÀNGEL GALOBART