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[dinosaur] Seeking book reviewers

Dear list members (with apologies for cross-posting):


Fossil News: The Journal of Avocational Paleontology is seeking reviewers for the following books:


·         Buta & Kopaska-Merkel. Footprints in Stone: Fossil Traces of Coal-Age Tetrapods. [U Alabama P]

·         Dawson, Gowan. Show Me the Bone: Reconstructing Prehistoric Monsters in Nineteenth Century Britain and America (U. Chicago Press)

·         Kemp, T. S. The Origin of Higher Taxa. (U. Chicago Press)

·         Mikkelsen, Paula M., Dutro, J. Thomas Jr., and Dutro, Nancy. A Paleontological Life: The Personal Memoirs of Curt Teichert. Paleontological Research Institute.

·         Penney, David and Green David I. Fossils in Amber: Remarkable Snapshots of Prehistoric Forest Life. Siri Scientific Press.

·         Pickrell, John. Flying Dinosaurs: How Fearsome Reptiles Became Birds. Columbia U. Press.


Fossil News is a full-color magazine that appears quarterly. Our readers are largely non-scientists, but can be considered reasonably well-informed nonprofessionals. Reviews should be somewhat informal in style, but can certainly include technical considerations (or, as we sometimes put it: you can talk about anything you can explain clearly.)


I’d be pleased to hear from anyone who might be interested. Please contact me privately, and I’ll send submission guidelines and other information.


Many thanks,


Wendell Ricketts