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Re: [dinosaur] New ornithomimid Rativates evadens

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. <tholtz@umd.edu> wrote:

>> The name is especially inventive: _Rativates_ (effectively 'foreteller of 
>> ratites') - "alludes to the paradox of an 'ostrich mimic' that
>> existed before ostriches."  Indeed, ornithomimids are not so much ratite 
>> mimics as ratites are ornithomimid-mimics - after all, the
>> ornithomimids came first.  Going back even further, both ornithomimids and 
>> ratites are both shuvosaurid-mimics, since shuvosaurids
>> acquired the ratite-esque bodyplan first.
> And you forgot elaphrosaurines intermediate in time between shuvosaurids and 
> ornithomimids.

Thanks - I did overlook the elaphrosaurines.  My sincere apologies to
_Elaphrosaurus_ and _Limusaurus_.

If 'bahariasaurids' (like _Deltadromeus_) pan out to be noasaurids (or
least closely related to noasaurids), it'd be interesting to see what
their skulls look like.  Were they big edentulous