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[dinosaur] Hadrosaurid material from lower Kirtland Formation of San Juan Basin, New Mexico

Ben Creisler

A paper from a few months back that I somehow missed. Better late than never...

Mateusz Wosik & Merrilee F. Guenther (2016)
Examination of a historic collection of isolated cranial and appendicular hadrosaurid material from the lower Kirtland Formation of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico.
Journal of Paleontology 90(4): 763-770
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/jpa.2016.75

The Field Museum of Natural History collection contains several isolated hadrosaurid specimens collected by Charles H. Sternberg from the lower Kirtland Formation of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico, that have been previously overlooked. Cranial elements described herein consist of a dentary and three jugals while appendicular material is limited to two humeri and two pubes. Many of the specimens preserve taxonomically informative characters that show strong affinities with Kritosaurini but are distinct from Kritosaurus navajovius (Brown, 1910) suggesting that the saurolophine-dominated San Juan Basin diversity is greater than currently recognized. Future examination of currently unprepared material will add to our developing understanding of the ambiguous hadrosaurid diversity of the San Juan Basin.