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Re: [dinosaur] Main goals in future dinosaur paleontology

> What are the main (general) "goals" in the dinosaur paleontology in the 
> future? Is it creating a comprehensive phylogeny, describe as many new 
> species as possible, understand dinosaur physiology and paleoecology better, 
> understand their extinction and early development, use modern technology to 
> make a breakthrough in their research or something else entirely? Or is it 
> just all of those plus something more?

All of those and then some!

Different people in this field have different goals, as usual. These goals 
interact: you can't fully understand physiology without understanding 
phylogeny; you can't understand phylogeny without knowing as many species as 
possible and understanding their anatomy as well as possible, which requires 
modern technology (like µCT) in some cases, and so on.