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Re: [dinosaur] Main goals in future dinosaur paleontology

Anatomy and phylogeny. Those are pretty much the foundation for everything else.


On 4/11/2017 3:21 PM, Yazbeck, Thomas Michael wrote:

The main goals are whatever dino workers want to study. With any new discovery, there are bound to be many questions about a new taxon or specimen. I would say that one thing that is less often discussed is expanding geographic coverage for dinosaurs. There are many dinosaur-bearing rocks in countries which have not been explored in detail by scientists. In some cases this is due to political considerations, or financial or legal constraints. I just heard of some dinosaur material recently found in Iran, a country that is hard (for American scientists, at least) to get access too. But nearby in the Levant are some places which probably are hiding some dinosaurs - I just read of a Lebanese pterosaur, which is exciting because Lebanon is known for other excellent fossils from the Cretaceous (multiple Lagerstaetten, in fact). Israel and Jordan are also in the same boat, with (off the top of my head) dinosaur footprints and pterosaur postcrania found in those countries, respectively. Africa is also a huge, huge continent which is hiding way, way more dinosaurs than the aforementioned countries. Late Late Cretaceous continental Africa is a major gap in our understanding of dinosaurs, and that is beginning to be filled since a new Maastrichtian abelisaurid was discovered this year in Morocco. Find out all you can about countries on the map with <2 named dinosaur species.

Hope that helps.

Thomas Yazbeck

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Good day,

I have a simple, albeit an important, question: What are the main (general) "goals" in the dinosaur paleontology in the future? Is it creating a comprehensive phylogeny, describe as many new species as possible, understand dinosaur physiology and paleoecology better, understand their extinction and early development, use modern technology to make a breakthrough in their research or something else entirely? Or is it just all of those plus something more? Thank you in advance, Tom