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Re: [dinosaur] Main goals in future dinosaur paleontology

>identify likely fossils and attempt to classify them
>by artificial intelligence, and remove much of the human factor. Can
>this be done?  Yes, and within a few short years we should have such
>technology ubiquitously available.  And with worldwide databases of
>fossils, we should be much better and developing phylogeny maps of
>species and remove much of the human bias that now plagues the field.
I don't think computers will be able to put paleontologists out of business anytime soon.... Also, what exactly is a 'phylogeny map'?

>the dream is to go from encased rock to 3d graphics printer, without
>being destructive to the specimen.

Right. But be thankful that Stensio and Jarvik sacrificed fossil ostracoderms and rhipidistians for science as long ago as they did.

Everything else in that long email I like. Scanning stuff is cool no matter what type of rays you're bombarding your subjects with.