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Re: [dinosaur] Looking for ye old titanosaur quarry map

Although it's from 2004, figure 2 of this paper on Epachthosaurus matches your description perfectly: 


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Subject: Looking for ye old titanosaur quarry map
Many moons ago, maybe late 80s or early 90s, somewhere was published an ink quarry map showing an S Amer articulated titanosaur skeleton in top view, showing the extremely laterally flaring anterior ilia of the pelvis, and the ribcage. Also a strongly curved tail probably, neck missing. I'm only interested in the ribcage as it relates to the pelvis -- there are a number of top views of titanosaur pelves published -- so if that is not there then it's not what I'm looking for. 

If any one knows of what I write please let me know. I'm taking a shot at rerestoring and massing the super titanosaurs with the new data on hand, and need to see how the ribcage flares out relative to the pelvis.