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[dinosaur] Paper Requests

Looking for PDF's of these papers:

Ji, Q., & Ji, S. (1997). Advances in the study of Sinosauropteryx prima. Chinese Geology, 242, 30-32.

Ji, Q., Ji, S., Lu, J., You, H., Chen, W., Liu, Y., & Liu, Y. (2005). First avialan bird from China (Jinfengopteryx elegans gen. et sp. nov.). Geological Bulletin of China, 24(3), 197-205.

Ji, S., Ji, Q., Lu, J., & Yuan, C. (2007). A new giant compsognathid dinosaur with long filamentous integuments from Lower Cretaceous of northeastern China. Acta Geologica Sinica, 81(1), 8-15.

Ji, Q., LÃ, J., Wei, X., & Wang, X. (2012). A new oviraptorosaur from the Yixian Formation of Jianchang, Western Liaoning Province, China. Regional Geology of China, 12, 2102â2107.