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Re: [dinosaur] Ceratosaurus paper request

Ben Creisler

It's only an abstract. Here's the text ("therapod" corrected):

BRITT. Brooks B.. Eccles Dinosaur Park and Museum. 1544 East Park Blvd.. Ogden.
UT 84401: MILES. Clifford A.. CLOWARD. Karen C.. Western Paleont.
Laboratories. Inc.. 1038 N. Industrial Park Drive, Orem. UT 84057: MADSEN.
James H.. DINOLAB. Inc.. P.O. Box 9414, Salt Lake City, UT 84109

JVP 19(3) :33A

The only known juvenile specimen of Ceratosaurus has been recovered from fluvial sandstones of the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation just west of the renowned Bone Cabin Quarry. Albany County, Wyoming. It was preserved with the partially articulated skull lodged against the pelvis, suggesting a classic theropod "death pose." The specimen consists of a complete skull plus approximately 30% of the postcranial skeleton, including a complete pelvis. The skull is 34% smaller than the type. USNM 4735, which was the smallest known individual of this taxon. The Bone Cabin Quarry West (BCQW) specimen has several juvenile characteristics: open neurocentra sutures, minimal fusion of ischia and pubes, unfused vomers, and small horn size. It is also the only specimen in which the halves of the nasal horn are not co-ossified. This juvenile, in comparison with other specimens of the genus, reveals previously unrecognized autapomorphies of Ceratosaurus. including a large foramen that extends dorsoventrally between the distal ends of the pubes, and a peg-and-socket articulation between the ilium and ventral pelvic elements (peduncles of the ilium bear prominent "pegs" that insert into corresponding sockets in the pubis and ischium).

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On Tue, Dec 5, 2017 at 4:17 PM, Waylon Rowley <waylonrowley@gmail.com> wrote:
Britt, B.B.; Miles, C.A.; Cloward, K.C.; Madsen, J.H. (1999). "A
juvenile Ceratosaurus (Theropoda, Dinosauria) from Bone Cabin Quarry
West (Upper Jurassic, Morrison Formation), Wyoming". Journal of
Vertebrate Paleontology 19 (Supplement to 3).

Many thanks in advance!