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[dinosaur] Thyreophoran Type Tracks from Middle Jurassic of Yunnan Province, China

Ben Creisler

A new paper:

Lida Xing, Martin G. Lockley, Hendrik Klein, Gerard D. GierliÅski, Yong Ye, Jianping Zhang, W. Scott Persons IV & Tao Wang (2017)
First Thyreophoran Type Tracks from the Middle Jurassic Chuangjie Formation of Yunnan Province, China.
Ichnos (advance online publication)Â
doi: https://doi.org/10.1080/10420940.2017.1366904Â Â

Two tridactyl footprints from the Chuangjie Formation (Middle Jurassic) of Yunnan Province, China are morphological characteristics of thyreophoran tracks. They show some similarities to Shenmuichnus, known from the Early Jurassic strata of both Shaanxi and Yunnan provinces, but are somewhat larger, thereby resembling the ichnogenus Stegopodus. Based on their general morphology and size being congruent with this ichnogenus, they are tentatively assigned here to cf. Stegopodus. This is the fourth report of large ornithischian (probably thyreophoran) tracks from the Lower-Middle Jurassic of China that indicates relatively large trackmakers that were likely to be taxonomically distinct from much smaller and gracile Anomoepus trackmakers, also of ornithischian affinity. The larger tracks indicate a hitherto unreported abundance, size range and diversity of track types attributed to this group. The parallel orientation of the two best preserved trackways may indicate gregariousness.