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Re: [dinosaur] Magnamanus, new ornithopod from Spain + Grallator theropod tracks from Late Jurassic of Asturias + dinosaur eggs from Cameros Basin, Spain (free pdfs)

Ben Creisler

There is a print version that is listed in the World Catalog and collected at various libraries


I was also sent a photo of the name printed in the paper version  when I first mentioned the name on the DML and before a pdf was available. 

The print subscription may be part of membership in the Sociedad Española de Paleontología.

The correct publication date of journals at the end of one year-beginning of the next is always a headache for citations.Also, the electronic versions of some journals may only be available online  after the print version is created.

On Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 7:16 AM, David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:
> A big update. The second 2016 issue 31(2) of the open access Spanish Journal of Palaeontology is now online with free pdfs of the official versions of the papers:
> [...]
> The official date for Magnamanus is given as 2016.
> Magnamanus soriaensis nov. gen. nov. sp.
> Carolina Fuentes Vidarte, Manuel Meijide Calvo, Federico Meijide Fuentes & Manuel Meijide Fuentes (2016)
> Un nuevo dinosaurio estiracosterno (Ornithopoda: Ankylopollexia) del Cretácico Inferior de España. [A new styracosternan dinosaur (Ornithopoda: Ankylopollexia) from the Lower Cretaceous of Spain]
Spanish Journal of Palaeontology  31(2):  407-446

The official date is not necessarily what the journal claims (ICZN Articles 21.2 and 21.4).

The pdf does not contain any evidence that the publication was registered in ZooBank. Therefore (Articles 8.5.3 and 21.9), the date of electronic publication is irrelevant, and what counts is the date of publication in ink on paper.

Does anyone know if the print issue 31(2) is out yet? And if so, did it in fact come out last year, or only this year?

...The journal's homepage and the instructions to authors don't mention if there is a print version at all. If there isn't, the names "Magnamanus" and "Magnamanus soriaensis" are unpublished and will remain so until someone republishes them validly.

Article 8:
Article 21: