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Re: [dinosaur] Middle Jurassic vertebrate assemblage from Siberia + dinosaurs of Pakistan + Arctic dinosaurs

Typical of the ICZN that we're now haggling over the meaning of "primary". Soon 
it'll be the meaning of "is".

> I would guess the name _Gspsaurus_ (after the Geological Survey of
> Pakistan) is intended to be pronounced G-S-P-saurus, rather than
> wholly phonetically (which would be challenging to pronounce).

I agree that's probably the intention. But "challenging"? The German equivalent 
to "shhh" is "pssst". Take that, exchange the first and the last sound, and 
there you go!

> As a general rule, it would be helpful if *all* descriptions for new
> genera and species included a recommended pronunciation. It does
> happen occasionally for dinosaurs, especially for 'non-classical'
> names (e.g., _Nqwebasaurus_ de Klerk eta al., 2000 J. Vert. Paleontol.
> 20:324-332; _Suuwassea_ Harris, and Dodson, 2004 Acta Palaeontologica
> Polonica 49:197-210). But I think it should be standard for all new
> zoological taxa, as it is for microorganisms (which also require an
> explicit etymology).

*Suuwassea* is downright trivial to pronounce if you know how to read any 
Latin-alphabet language other than English. (OK, French, Dutch and Swedish 
would throw you off on the first vowel, but that's pretty much it.)