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Re: [dinosaur] Middle Jurassic vertebrate assemblage from Siberia + dinosaurs of Pakistan + Arctic dinosaurs

Dann Pigdon <dannj@alphalink.com.au> wrote:

> I bet Gregory S. Paul likes it. :-)

You know, when I first saw "_Gspsaurus_", my first thought that it was
named after that particular GSP.

> Here in Australia we got lucky with Qantassaurus, since the acronym QANTAS is 
> generally spoken as a
> word (having vowels in all the right places). I expect it gets misspelled a 
> lot by English speakers
> though, inserting the expected U after the Q.

Yes we did get lucky.  Qantas has been around for a long time (nearly
100 years), and many of us would have forgotten that the name was
originally an acronym (Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial
Services), long before Qantas became Australia's national carrier.

Some acronyms work well in scientific names, because they are replete
with vowels.  In addition to _Qantassaurus_, there's _Emausaurus_,
_Isisaurus_, _Sapeornis_, _Unescoceratops_, and _Urbacodon_.  Species
names include _Drinker nisti_, _Amargatitanis macni_, _Eoabelisaurus
mefi_, _Vegavis iaai_, and _Omnivoropteryx sinousaorum_ (partly).
When there aren't enough vowel sounds to split up the consonants, one
workaround is to use letters arbitrarily chosen from the constituent
words or names (e.g., _Tianchisaurus nedegoapeferima_).

I hope _Gspsaurus_ doesn't set a precedent (Svpsaurus, Cmnhsaurus,
etc; though Svpornis might work).  Bob Bakker once suggested naming a
dinosaur after the IRS... that could work.