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[dinosaur] New Year's wishes and thank yous...

Ben Creisler

Many thanks again for the good wishes. Happy New Year to everybody!

I post new papers and news regularly on the DML (which is archived at  http://dml.cmnh.org/ ) and less often on the vrtpaleo list.

There are a number people whose online features are a help in  my efforts to keep up with with papers and compile news and blog items.

First and foremost, a big thank you to Jerry Harris for his  continuing Vertebrate Paleontology Journal Links page:


This source allows me to quickly check major  journals  and scholarly publishing companies that may have new articles.


I also check Twitter feeds that have archives on a webpage. A thank you to Tom Holtz for his Twitter feed in particular, which often posts new refs.



I would also like to thank the contributors to the "year in paleontology" lists in Wikipedia, which I check regularly.  Now and then, a few new papers and new taxa show up that I had not seen. 



Google News is the main source I check for news stories and sometimes blog postings. It's handy to be able to run queries in different languages and use the online translation features for rough English translations when needed (although for some reason, at least for me, Google no longer does online translations of webpages from German into English).

Google Translate is also useful (but not perfect) for improving translations.


Sources for checking new blog posts include:






I have also compiled my own lists of Chinese journals, which often have multiple online webpages, some of which may provide free pdfs--a service also worth a thank you.


I also want to thank people who sometimes tip me off to new papers or news stories I have not caught or posted yet, including Vahe Demirjian, Xing Lida, and more.


My continuing (if futile) New Year's Resolution every year has been to proofread my posts better before I hit send. It's really strange how something that looks just fine to me will suddenly have a glaring typo or a copy-paste error as soon as I look at it again once it's posted online--or somebody else sees it and lets me know!