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[dinosaur] Tracking dinosaurs in BLM canyon country, Utah (free pdf)

Ben Creisler

Many thanks to Jim Kirkland for notice of this one...

A new paper in open access.

ReBecca K. Hunt-Foster, Martin G. Lockley, Andrew R.C. Milner, John R. Foster, Neffra A. Matthews, Brent H. Breithaupt & Joshua A. Smith (2016) [2017]
Tracking dinosaurs in BLM canyon country, Utah.
Geology of the Intermountain West 3: 67-100

The remarkably extensive and abundant Mesozoic-aged exposures on public lands around Moab have made this region well known for ichnofossils. The nearly complete record of Upper Triassic through Lower Cretaceous rocks exposed in this area is well known for its sheer abundance of tracks and traces. This three-day field trip will visit many important classic and new sites exposed in the Bureau of Land Management’s Canyon Country District. This field trip guidebook will give one an overview of the major sites we will visit, as well as a brief summary of work previously done in these areas.