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Re: [dinosaur] Jurassic World sequel

On Wed, Jan 11th, 2017 at 2:25 AM, Poekilopleuron <dinosaurtom2015@seznam.cz> 

> I'd like to ask, as the original Jurassic World got it (almost) all wrong, 
> what would you like to see in its sequel in June 2018? I would like to see 
> feathered velociraptors, gallimimuses and even T. rex, absolutely no 
> hybrids, more of original Crichton's books, less action and more science...
> Thank you, Tom

The 'evil reptilian' look is now to deeply ingrained into the Jurassic Park 
franchise for them to ever 
start putting feathers on their theropods. 

One of the geneticists in the Jurassic World movie states that inventing a 
hybrid animal is not much 
different than the way the other animals were created, as they would all look 
quite different if they'd 
been engineered accurately. They're genetically engineered theme park monsters 
designed to look 
awesome and/or scary, not accurately resurrected clones of real animals.

Crichton only wrote two Jurassic Park books - although given the amount of work 
he's produced since 
his death (with a bit of help from writers still among the living), I can't 
entirely discount the possibility 
of an unfinished manuscript showing up. Only the first Jurassic Park movie 
followed Crichton's work 
closely. The movie version of The Lost World deviated from the book 

As for a movie containing more science and less mindless action; you're 
unlikely to get such a thing 
from an American movie studio. :-)

Dann Pigdon