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[dinosaur] Belly River dinosaurs + Mongolia fights dinosaur smuggling + dino pee puddles in Brazil + Nipponosaurus

Ben Creisler

Some recent items:

Dinosaur distributions in the Belly River



Mongolia seeks to crush fossil black market


Disappearing dinosaur fossils in the Gobi desert (photo gallery)



Dinosaur urolites (fossil pee puddles) on display at Museu da Ciência de São Carlos in Brazil (with video) (in Portuguese)



Nipponosaurus replica sent to Sakhalin Island (part of Russia) for permanent display in 2017 after the holidays at the Sakhalin Regional Museum. The original fossils of Nipponosaurus sachalinensis were found in Sinegorsk on Sakhalin Island in 1934 during the period of Japanese rule. The fossils were taken to Japan and are now at the Hokkaido University Museum.  A Japanese company created the copy of the reconstructed skeleton that was sent to Sakhalin. (in Russian)