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Re: [dinosaur] Jurassic World sequel

People. You need to get off this "waiting for Santa" every year [a.k.a. Jurassic World sequels]. We can't go back to the sixties. It was a great ride ... but it's history. This is the era that J.W. truly belongs [not to kick the franchise]. A good analogy is watching a series in the 21st C of Mankind's future attempt to land a man on the moon by 2050. We've been there. We've done it. 

I really like the series [as monster flicks go]. And THAT IS THE POINT people. Hollywood is a long ways from doing a "modern" movie on dinosaurs BUT ... there might be a way to get Hollywood to change this ... in particular ... Steven Spielberg. It's all in the approach. You must first accept the fact that he is NOT going to change the franchise as it currently stands. That would in fact be stupid [he's old school = if it works ... don't change it]. As a libertarian, I understand this ... completely. The series to him is a bread and butter concept that allows him easier access to $$$$ to do the kinds of films he really wants to do. 

Therefore ... it is necessary to create a brand new "modern" series but with the first caveat "thou shalt NOT reboot the JW series." He must ... by default ... leave that series as it stands. There is a second caveat here. S.S. did NOT become a filmmaker just to do dinosaur flicks. It would help if we tried to remember that. I think I know this guy. His focus in films is children, political commentary, story telling, Good v.s. Evil and magic but NOT palaeontology and/ or science. Knowing this is the first step in dealing with him. You cannot solicit this guy without an agent but I don't have to since the project is already finished and has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Hollywood.

So. For the past 18 months I have been working night and day on a project that might ... just might titillate him "to do the right thing" [in our eyes]. I finished it last night. It has something he was very intimate with in the 1950s and myself included. 

I need just 10 days to deliver this [again ... it's in the approach]. If it works ... I'm going to be very busy for the next 7 years with this guy.

I'm just not the kind of guy that sits around wishing and praying for things. I try to make things happen by first doing the grunt work. Then it gets vetted. And yes. It is still a long shot. It's a sales pitch. So I'm closer than anyone even without an agent. It's not the Hollywood process. The Hollywood process is there for a reason ... to act as a filter. So you don't go there. It's simply understanding human behavior and then the delivery. It's a 50/50 shot and that's as good as it gets ... for an outsider. I'm doing this for the science of palaeontology [my interest ... not his]. What I have for him has nothing to do with my interests. You have to separate the two. They are totally incompatible. This is why it should work. It's counterintuitive ... I know. 

And BTW, I will probably never get to say hello to this guy let alone actually meet with him ... ever. It is simply ... unnecessary. 

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And...  you will get none of this.

People, stop holding your breath in thinking that the Jurassic Park franchise is going to change. They have made their decision: what you've seen is what you are going to get, only more guns and action.

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Good day,

Iď like to ask, as the original Jurassic World got it (almost) all wrong, what would you like to see in its sequel in June 2018? I would like to see feathered velociraptors, gallimimuses and even T. rex, absolutely no hybrids, more of original Crichton´s books, less action and more science...Thank you, Tom


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