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Re: [dinosaur] Review of Bois & Mullin (2017)

Tim Williams wrote-

"Mayr (2016) notes that the Messel ecosystem (Eocene) is remarkable for
the large and diverse number of flightless birds (_Palaeotis_,
_Gastornis_, _Strigogyps_, _Dynamopterus_).  He attributes this to the
absence of  large mammalian carnivores - not to the absence of
predators per se.  ...  But there
is also the possibility that competition with new large mammalian
herbivores (conspicuously absent from Messel) also played a part."

Isn't this likely a depositional issue, much like the Jehol fauna?  Messel was continental, right?  It's not like continental faunas exist without large mammalian taxa today- something's going to move in. 

Mickey Mortimer