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[dinosaur] Ankylosaur tracks from Upper Jurassic of Brazil

Ben Creisler

A new paper:

Heitor Francischini, Marcos A. F. Sales, Paula Dentzien–Dias & Cesar L. Schultz (2017)
The Presence of Ankylosaur Tracks in the Guará Formation (Brazil) and Remarks on the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Late Jurassic Dinosaurs.
Ichnos (advance online publication)
doi:  http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/10420940.2017.1337573   

The Guará Formation (Paraná Basin, southern Brazil) is an Upper Jurassic unit that yielded a dinosaur ichnoassemblage composed of theropod, ornithopod, and sauropod tracks. A new set of footprints is described herein and its major features are heteropody, paraxony, and both manual and pedal tetradactyly, among others. Using ichnological, osteological, and stratigraphic approaches, we interpret these tracks as produced by an ankylosaur dinosaur. The record of these armored dinosaurs in South America is scarce and restricted to the Cretaceous units of Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. Therefore, the presence of these tracks in the Guará Formation provides the oldest evidence of ankylosaurs in western Gondwana and the first uncontroversial record of this group in Brazil. In addition, a comparison between the Guará Formation fossil record and other Kimmeridgian–Tithonian dinosaur-bearing units worldwide indicates that more efforts are needed to better understand the geographical distribution of Late Jurassic dinosaurs.