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[dinosaur] Teihivenator, new genus for "Laelaps" macropus

A new paper not yet mentioned on the list to my knowledge. Thanks to John D'Angelo for bringing this to my attention.

Yun, C. (2017)
Teihivenator gen. nov., a new generic name for the tyrannosauroid dinosaur "Laelaps" macropus (Cope, 1868; preoccupied by Koch, 1836)
Journal of Zoological and Bioscience Research 4: 7-13
DOI: 10.24896/jzbr.2017422

Once referred to the ornithomimosaur 'Coelosaurus' antiquus, 'Laelaps' macropus specimens from the Navesink Formation (Late Campanian-Early Maastrichtian, Late Cretaceous) of New Jersey, USA was separated as a new species of 'Laelaps' by paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope in 1868. While it was revealed later that 'Laelaps' is preoccupied by laelapidae mite Laelaps agilis and renamed as Dryptosaurus, the taxonomic history of 'Laelaps' macropus was controversial and sometimes considered as dubious. Here I show 'Laelaps' macropus as a valid taxon of tyrannosauroid based on comparisons with other taxa; there are considerable differences between 'Laelaps' macropus and Dryptosaurus aquilunguis. Therefore, a new generic name for 'Laelaps' macropus, Teihivenator gen. nov. is erected here.