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Re: [dinosaur] Dinosaur colors + "Teihivenator" issues + pterosaur soft tissue taphonomy + more

Ben Creisler wrote-

"With "Teihivenator" now identified as  a chimera (ornithomimosaur + tyrannosauroid material), parts of the original diagnosis were apparently lifted without credit from Mickey Mortimer's Theropod Database. 

However, contrary to the blog, the name was later registered with the  Zoobank, so it's a "nomen dubium"


I just learned about Brownstein's chimaera paper and have edited my blog entry.  Talk about the importance of reading all your email before typing a blog post...  However, even though the name is now registered with ZooBank, the paper itself never indicates it.  And ICZN Article 8.5.3 states a name must "be registered in the Official Register of Zoological Nomenclature (ZooBank) (see Article 78.2.4) and contain evidence in the work itself that such registration has occurred."  So without a followup paper or corrigendum, isn't the name still invalid?  And wouldn't the followup paper be the official reference, not the initial paper that is cited as the reference on ZooBank?

Mickey Mortimer