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[dinosaur] Fw: Question about Demathieu (1970)

Hello:  I am hoping that somebody on this list with a better reading understanding of French than mine can help me with the following queries about G. Demathieu (1970, Les Empreintes de Pas de Vertebres du Trias de la Bordure Nord-Est du Massif Central, Cahiers de Paleontologie:

Demathieu's Tableau 41 (p. 112) presents measurements of the digits of pes and manus prints of Synaptichnium priscum, labeled 21.1 BB, BO, CH, CM, FL, FT, GF, BX, and DK.  In Tableau 44 (p. 116) Demathieu presents measurements of a S. priscum trackway, which is illustrated in Fig. 39.  My question is this: Are BB, BO, CH, etc. from Table 41 the various hand and foot prints in the same trackway from table 44 and Figure 39, or are they measurements of prints from a number of different trackways?  I have not been able to find (or at least recognize) a place in his text that makes this clear.

Similarly, are the footprints of C. barthii for which Demathieu gives measurements in Tableau 55, C. parvum in Tableau 58, and C. coureli in Tableau 62 all from different trackways, or are some of them from the same trackway?

Hoping someone can clear this up for me!

Jim Farlow