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[dinosaur] Fwd: Early Cretaceous Dinosaur Tracks from Southwestern China (book free pdf)

The DML spam filter apparently blocked this post yesterday because of a book seller link, which I have now removed. I'll see if it goes through OK today.

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From: Ben Creisler <bcreisler@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Jun 15, 2017 at 11:37 PM
Subject: Early Cretaceous Dinosaur Tracks from Southwestern China (book free pdf)
To: dinosaur-l@usc.edu

Ben Creisler

After being contacted by somebody offlist about this book, I found a free pdf on Xing Lida's website, which has many other free pdf links.



The title is from December of  last year and is in Chinese with an English preface:

Xing, L.D., Lockley, M.G., Zhang, J.P. (2016) 
Early Cretaceous Dinosaur and Other Tetrapod Tracks of Southwestern China. 
Ningbo: Ningbo Publishing House. 1–410. 
ISBN 978-7-5526-2768-8

pdf download:

Given the size of the pdf, it takes a long time to load on the site. I had to click "Reload" each time it got stuck, but eventually the webpage displayed the full pdf and I was able to download it without problems.

NOTE: This pdf is read only and the content cannot be copied or printed.


The book can also be bought in hardcover print form. However, the links are blocked by the DML spam filter.