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[dinosaur] Request for Coelophysis (=Syntarsus) rhodesiensis papers

Ben Creisler

Passing this on to the DML. Apparently, it was blocked when originally sent. None of these papers appear to be available currently online:


Hello everyone! This is my first time on the DML, so just bear with me. I'm looking for copies of these four particular papers for a current research project I'm doing on Coelophysis (=Syntarsusrhodesiensis:

Raath, M.A. (1969). A new coelurosaurian dinosaur from the Forest Sandstone of Rhodesia. Arnoldia4(28), 1-25.

Raath, M.A. (1972). First record of dinosaur footprints from Rhodesia. Arnoldia, 5(37), 1-5.

Raath, M.A. (1977). The anatomy of the Triassic theropod Syntarsus rhodesiensis (Saurischia: Podokesauridae) and a consideration of its biology. PhD Thesis.

Raath, M.A. (1980).The theropod dinosaur Syntarsus (Saurischia: Podokesauridae) discovered in South Africa. South African Journal of Science76, 375-376

I was wondering if anyone had digital copies, or paper copies that could be scanned, of these particular papers. I was unable to find any of them myself, and I figured that DML members would know better than IAny help would be greatly appreciated!

Tyler Greenfield