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[dinosaur] New Michael Crichton book - Dragon Teeth

Publisher’s Weekly Review::

"Crichton pays homage, again, to Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World
in this entertaining historical thriller whose manuscript was
discovered posthumously. But instead of the living dinosaurs of
Jurassic Park, the focus here is on the fossilized ones at the center
of the late 19th century's feud between rival pioneering
paleontologists. As in Conan Doyle's novel, the hero is a callow young
man who volunteers for a perilous expedition, headed by an eccentric
academic, to prove a point, and grows up in the process. Here, it's
Yale undergraduate William Johnson, who is embarrassed by a
classmate's taunt into a bet that he will spend the summer in a West
still populated by hostile Indians. By pretending to be a
photographer, Johnson persuades Yale's Othniel C. Marsh to include him
on a fossil hunt. Marsh is worried that Professor Edward Cope, a
one-time friend, will try to take credit for his discoveries, and
Johnson finds himself dealing with the consequences of their rivalry
in a West made even more perilous in the aftermath of Custer's last
stand. Fans of Crichton's historical suspense books, such as The Great
Train Robbery, will be pleased. (May)"