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[dinosaur] Hollywood version of Chicxulub impact

Good day!

I have been recently reading a book by Czech author and paleontology promoter Vladimir Socha "Posledni dny dinosauru" ("The Last Days of Dinosaurs" - https://www.kosmas.cz/knihy/216166/posledni-dny-dinosauru/) about a fictional time travel of four people into the latest Cretaceous, just two days before the arrival of Chicxulub asteroid. There is a detailed description of the Hell Creek formation ecosystems (including dinosaurs, proto-mammals, primitive birds, insects and plants) and also a physical effects of the impact itself from the distance of about 3300 kilometers (todays Montana). It was very interesting read and I was asking myself immediately - why didn´t Hollywood producers react so far and use the CGI graphics to reconstruct the Chicxulub impact in a similar manner? It would make a truly great adventurous movie and an educative one at that. Did anyone think about this possibility already? Thank you for your thoughts, in advance. All best, Tom