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Re: [dinosaur] Solicitation for Indiana Press crocodylian volume

Dear Holly,
Thank you very much for the invite. Although I work with crocs, my research concern about fossil specimens from the Cretaceous of South America, that has no relationship with the living alligators.
Then, unfortunatly it is not possible to me to participate.
Success in your project and best wishes,

2017-03-14 15:46 GMT-03:00 Holly Woodward <holly.n.woodward@gmail.com>:
Dear Colleagues,

Dr. Jim Farlow and I would like to produce an edited Indiana Press volume
demonstrating the significance of crocodylian biology for understanding
extinct archosaur paleobiology. This would include, but is in no way limited
to, dinosaurs.

Like many of you, my paleontological research benefits greatly from the
tireless work of Ruth Elsey and her willingness to provide me with alligator
specimens for scientific study from the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge (RWR) in
Grand Chenier, Louisiana. As we will be dedicating this volume to Ruth, we are
especially interested in contributions involving the study of RWR alligators,
but also welcome manuscripts from researchers working on alligators and other
modern crocodylian species from other populations.

If you are interested in contributing to such a volume, please email a
tentative title and a brief (one or two sentence) summary of your proposed
manuscript by April 15 to: holly.ballard@okstate.edu

Please forward this letter to anyone you think may be interested.

Best wishes,
Holly Woodward Ballard
Assistant Professor
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

James Farlow
Professor Emeritus
Indiana Purdue University Fort Wayne