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[dinosaur] Dinosaur Mailing List subscriptions and other issues

Ben Creisler

Just to clarify, I'm not in charge of the Dinosaur Mailing List. Since I  post new refs  and news items to the DML, people have contacted me about problems with posting to the lists or about subscriptions to the lists.


First, a reminder.

The DML and the Vrtpaleo lists were recently updated to allow messages that are not in plain text (a headache in the past that rendered some posts unreadable to many people). The list email addresses were also changed.  List members' addresses were automatically updated. However, if people use the older email addresses (without -l@ inserted), they will get error messages. Check your email system to see if the old address is still being inserted.


The correct current address to post to the DML is:


NOTE that -l is a lower case "L"--not a 1 (think of "list").




For current information on the lists and how to subscribe or unsubscribe, see the following links:


and in particular, the "user" sublink:





To subscribe to the Dinosaur Mailing List:

Send a message to sympa@mymaillists.usc.edu from the address you want to use to subscribe to the list.


In the subject line, put:

subscribe dinosaur-l First Name Last Name


And, of course,  change "First Name Last Name" to your name or the name you want to use.


For example:

subscribe dinosaur-l Donald Duck


Leave the message body blank.


You should receive a message to let you know if your subscription request was accepted.



From the address with which you subscribed to the list, send a email message to sympa@mymaillists.usc.edu.

In the subject line of your email, type in:

unsubscribe dinosaur-l


Leave the message body blank.




If you want to change the email address that you use to receive a mailing list,  simply unsubscribe from your existing email address and resubscribe using the new address you want to use.



If you respond to a post on a list, be sure to check if your message is going to an individual or is being posted to the whole DML list. This can sometimes be a problem.




The Dinosaur Mailing List Archive is posted at:


This is a resource that dates back to the 1990s and shows up in searches on Google, Bing, etc. Before Facebook and Twitter and the proliferation of blogs and webpages, the DML was the place many researchers communicated or discussed dinosaur-related and other topics. These discussions still happen on the DML sometimes. As a personal project, I have tried to keep the DML a resource for new research by posting new papers and news items.

NOTE: The FAQs and subscription information for the DML have not been updated (the email is the old one) and now go to error pages.

The DML (unlike the Vrtpaleo list) imposes some major restrictions on subject matter that can be posted to the list. Unfortunately, the administrative message explaining these restrictions is no longer accessible from the DML FAQ links. 

People can be temporarily (or permanently) kicked of the DML for personal attacks or for providing links to, or other information about, pending sales of fossils (including simply mentioning the auction house, gallery, seller, etc. by name). Other off-limits  topics include some non- or anti-evolutionary ideas.


DML posted items  go through a spam blocker. This can be a particular problem because certain words or phrases can prevent a post from appearing on the list.  I sometimes have had to reword posts to get them through the spam blocker. In other cases, I don't know why some posts are blocked.

The URL weblinks that appear in posts are also redirected through a security filter. This extra step means that the weblink people may see in an email text they receive is not the original URL the sender put in the original message.