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Re: [dinosaur] Dinosauria reclassification joins Ornithischia and Theropoda in Ornithoscelida

On 03/23/2017 03:29 PM, David Marjanovic wrote:
> Do tell. As a phylogeneticist, I'm all ears!

Where were you 2 months ago when I was boning up on the computational
math that is being used?  The texts and articles that we have reviewed
continued to have a lack of coherent methodology or theory, is often
factually wrong (sometimes in critical areas, and sometimes later
corrected) and play fast and loose with mathematical modeling.  It
reached a point where I'm not willing to just accept the output of any
software that produces phylogeny without reviewing it with experts on
graph theory and algorithms who can weigh in on the soundness of the
software. This would be someone outside of paleo.  At this point, I have
a dead line I need to make in about 3 weeks to finish my paper, and I've
yet to write the AI section.  So I can't review the code base for TNT,
et al.

>From conversations I've had, there is a large gap in understanding
shortest path theory, which is distressing to say the least, and
discussions about the math have melted down to absurdity.

I would personally start a Free Software project to create a
standardized code base, and build an effort to pull in all the strings
of research on the computational analysis, into a coherent body of
knowledge that shares terminology, and models. and which can be broadly
reviewed and embedded into the software design.  I think some fellows at
MIT would be interested in such a project.

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