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[dinosaur] Sizes of known T. rex specimens

Good day,

I would like to ask if there is any comprehensive table of known Tyrannosaurus rex individuals? There are various sources on the internet, but which one is most reliable? It should look like this (but with more specimens, more info and citations):

"Sue" (FMNH PR 2081): 12.3 meters, skull about 145 cm, 10 200 kg?
"Peck´s Rex" (MOR 980): 12.2 meters, ?
CM 9380: 11.9 meters, 9100 kg?
"Samson": 11.9 meters?
AMNH 5027: 11.8 meters, ?
MOR 555: 11.6 meters, 8200 kg?
"Stan" (BHI 3033): 11.5 meters, 8400 kg?

Thank you, Tom