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[dinosaur] Halisaurine mosasaurs + Triassic reptiles + fins and limb evolution (video talks)

Ben Creisler

Some additional recent videos:

Royal Tyrrell Museum Speaker Series 2017

Dr. Takuya Konishi, University of Cincinnati, explains why a recently discovered skull from Japan sheds new light on halisaurine mosasaurs’ potential survival strategy.



(technical quality is a bit rough on this one....)

Dr. Adam Prichard talks about reptiles after the Permian-Triassic Extinction event. This was a lecture at the AMNH for the Paleontology Society.

Long Necks, Strong Bites, and Monkey Lizards


Questions and Answers session from Dr. Prichard's lecture "Long Necks, Strong Bites, and Monkey Lizards".




Biomechanical comparisons of fins and limbs to model the evolution of locomotion from water to land


Sandy Kawano, Royal Veterinary College