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[dinosaur] BBC documentary on K/Pg impact + Fort Peck + Maiasaura (for Mother's Day) + more

Ben Creisler

Some recent items:

At least for the time being, most issues of the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences from 1996 on are in  open access. 


as well as special issues:



BBC documentary

Bad luck (for dinosaurs, not for us) on where the asteroid hit helped wipe out the dinosaurs according to new research from drilling project, presented in BBC documentary The Day the Dinosaurs Died. The main idea is that the after effects would not have been so bad had the asteroid not hit sulfur-rich gypsum deposits...


"...startling new evidence of a link between the asteroid and the death of the dinosaurs, presenting a vivid picture of the most dramatic 24 hours in our planet's history. They illustrate what happened in the seconds and hours after the impact, revealing that had the huge asteroid struck the Earth a moment earlier, or later, the destruction might not have been total for the dinosaurs. And if they still roamed the world, we humans may never have come to rule the planet."



Hate to use the junky Daily Mail:



Fort Peck Interpretive Center offers prehistoric glimpse of Montana



For Mother's Day...

10 Motherly Facts About Maiasaura (from a few years back)



Siberian Cretaceous mammal