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[dinosaur] Traditional Saurischia weakly supported over proposed Ornithoscelida

Ben Creisler

A new paper:

Max C. Langer, MartÃn D. Ezcurra, Oliver W. M. Rauhut, Michael J. Benton, Fabien Knoll, Blair W. McPhee, Fernando E. Novas, Diego Pol & Stephen L. Brusatte (2017)
Untangling the dinosaur family tree.
Nature 551, E1âE3 (02 November 2017)Â

The article itself is behind a pay wall but the supplementary material is free:


From the supp:

"...[O]ur dataset does not provide statistically significant support for Saurischia over Ornithoscelida, even though Saurischia is a more parsimonious explanation of our data.Â


Finally, the analysis of our modified matrix (without the addition of new taxa, such that only the taxon sample of Baron et al. [2017] is analyzed) resulted in >500,000 MPTs of 1,708 steps (CI: 0.3085, RI: 0.6792), the strict consensus of which (Fig. S2a) also shows a traditional monophyletic Saurischia. In this case, three additional steps are necessary to recover Ornithoscelida..."



Time to rewrite the dinosaur textbooks? Not quite yet


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