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[dinosaur] Zhuchengtitan, new titanosaurian sauropod from Late Cretaceous of Shandong Province, China (free pdf)

Ben Creisler

A new paper:

Zhuchengtitan zangjiazhuangensis gen. et sp. nov.Â

(only a single humerus...)

MO Jinyou, WANG Kebai, CHEN Shuqing, WANG Peiye &Â XU Xing (2017)
A new titanosaurian sauropod from the Late Cretaceous strata of Shandong Province.
Geological Bulletin of China 36(9): 1501-1505



Specimen ZJZ-57, a nearly complete sauropod humerus excavated from the Upper Cretaceous Wangshi Group of Zhucheng area, Shandong Province, is described in this paper. Some derived features, such as a lateral bulge at the proximal one third position of the lateral margin and a deltopectoral crest markedly expanded distally, indicate that ZJZ-57 represents a member of Titanosauria. However, it differs from all other titanosaurian sauropods in the following combined features:the proximal portion is strongly expanded, reaching 55% of the total length of the bone, and the humerus is a robust bone, with a robustness index (RI) of 0.39. Based on this specimen, the authors erect a new sauropod taxon:Zhuchengtitan zangjiazhuangensis gen. et sp. nov. This new taxon is possibly more closely related to Opisthocoelicaudia than to other known titanosaurian sauropods from Asia. This is the first titanosaurian sauropod reported from the Upper Cretaceous strata of Shandong Province.


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