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Re: [dinosaur] Oviraptorosaur anatomy, diversity and ecology in the Nemegt Basin

Ben Creisler <bcreisler@gmail.com> wrote:

> Note there is a new species of Avimimus in the paper:
> Avimimus nemegtensis

There is also a new combination: _Heyuannia yanshini_ for
_Ajancingenia yanshjini_ (originally _Ingenia yanshini_).

"Barsbold (1981) originally described this oviraptorid as "_Ingenia_"
_yanshini_, but the genus was preoccupied by a nematode. Despite recognition
of the taxonomic issue, it was not resolved until Easter (2013)
coined "_Ajancingenia_". There are, however, several ethical problems
with the study of Easter (2013), including the plagiarism of text and a
figure. Hence, despite the validity of '_Ajancingenia_' under the ICZN, we
propose synonymizing _Ajancingenia_ and _Heyuannia_ to avoid an ethical
dilemma. This synonymy is supported by recent oviraptorosaur phylogenies
(Lamanna et al., 2014; Funston and Currie, 2016; LÃ et al.,
2016), which find _H. yanshini_ and _H. huangi_ as sister taxa."

So it would appear that the proposed congeneric status of _Heyuannia_
and _Ajancingenia_ is a 'workaround', designed to sink the latter name
as a subjective junior synonym - which, based on the presented
phylogenetic evidence, is fair enough.