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Re: [dinosaur] New theropods: Pandoravenator from Late Jurassic of Argentina and Afromimus from Early Cretaceous of Niger.

Doubts have been expressed regarding the ornithomimosaur affinities
for _Afromimus_ (might it be an abelisauroid?)


The '_mimus_' part of the name _Afromimus_ references this theropod's
ornithomimosaur affinities.  So it would be awkward if it's found that
_Afromimus_ actually lies outside the Ornithomimosauria.  There's a
precedent: the Australian theropod _Timimus_ was originally described
as an ornithomimosaur, as denoted by the name (which also honors two
people named Tim).  _Timimus_' ornithomimosaur affinities were
subsequently refuted (although it's not exactly clear what kind of
theropod it is: paravian?, tyrannosaur?).