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Re: [dinosaur] Giant Antarctic deinonychosaur + Triceratops horns + Charles Whitney Gilmore + more

Just to clarify a bit, the video of the Naze theropod talk was recently posted but was NOT that new (probably from around 10 years ago). I still thought it was interesting.Â

Here's a free pdf link to the 2007 extended abstract about the Naze theropod, never posted on the DML at the time it appears (the DML search tool appears to have crashed at the moment):

Judd A. Case, James E. Martin, and Marcelo Reguero (2017)
A dromaeosaur from the Maastrichtian of James Ross Island and the Late Cretaceous Antarctic dinosaur fauna.
U.S. Geological Survey and The National Academies; USGS OF-2007-1047, Short Research Paper 083:Â

The recovery of material of a small theropod from the Early Maastrichtian, Cape Lamb Member of the Snow Hill Island Formation is an unusual occurrence from primarily marine sediments. The pedal morphology of the specimen that includes a Metatarsal II with a lateral expansion caudal to Metatarsal III, a third metatarsal that is proximally narrow and distally wide, a Metatarsal III with a distal end that is incipiently ginglymoidal and a second pedal digit with sickle-like ungual are all diagnostic of a theropod that belongs to the family of predatory dinosaurs, the Dromaeosauridae. Yet this Antarctic dromaeosaur retains plesiomorphic features in its ankle and foot morphology. As new dromaeosaur species are being recovered from the mid-Cretaceous of South America and the retention of primitive characters in the Antarctic dromaeosaur, a new biogeographic hypothesis on dromaeosaur distribution has been generated. Gondwanan dromaeosaurs are not North America immigrants into South America and Antarctica; rather they are the relicts of a cosmopolitan dromaeosaur distribution, which has been separated by the vicariant break up of Pangea and created an endemic clade of dromaeosaurs in Gondwana.


I don't know for now if any more recent descriptions of the material have been published.


Old news items:



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Some recent items:

Fossil Friday Roundup: November 17, 2017



A recently posted video talk not yet mentioned about the Naze theropod

Gigantic, Basal Deinonychosaur from James Ross Island, Antarctica & the Biostratigraphy of the Latest Cretaceous, Antarctic Dinosaurs
Dr. Judd Case's research in Antarctica
CWU Biology

36 min.



Quarrying dinosaur fossils at the bottom of the earth
Peter Makovicky's team of scientists dig for Cryolophosaurus fossils in Antarctica.

6 min.


New Morrison Formation maniraptoran (nicknamed Lori) from Wyoming to be published with crowdfunding help


Remeasuring Pisanosaurus



Can we predict the horn shapes of fossil animals? A thought experiment starring Triceratops





Charles Whitney Gilmore â The Forgotten âDinosaur Hunterâ



Royal Ontario Museum: Thereâs bones in them there hills: Dinosaur Fossil Finding in the Badlands of Canada


20 Questions with Derek Larson, assistant curator at the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum

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