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[dinosaur] Plateosaurus skeletons to go on display + Bauru Basin dinosaur cemetery + Kimberley dinosaur puzzle + more

Ben Creisler

Some recent items:

Two Plateosaurus skeletons nicknamed "Ben" and "Fabian," found in a clay pit at Frick in Switzerland and prepared at the Sauriermuseum Frick, will soon go on display.

"Ben" (for Frick preparator Ben Pabst) will be sent to the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels to go on public display starting in mid-December. The specimen is on long-term loan and the preparation for a full standing mount was crowdfunded in Belgium.

"Fabian" is only about two meters long and is likely a juvenile, found in 2015. The specimen is nearing the last stages of preparation and will get a full standing mount in the Sauriermuseum Frick, it is hoped, by next spring. Currently, all the other Plateosaurus specimens at Frick are not mounted as standing skeletons.Â

(One video is about another Plateosaurus find in the clay pit in 2015, the largest individual so far, with a nearly complete skeleton about eight meters long. The second video is a jawbone being prepared.)

(in German)



Bauru Basin in Brazil is a dinosaur cemetery (in Portuguese)



Dinosaur fossils from around the region of SÃo Paulo in Brazil, including a titanosaur bone found in the middle of a road (in Portuguese)



The Kimberley in Australia is home to the best dinosaur footprints, but why are there no body fossils?




Polycotylid Georgiasaurus (named for V. G. Ochev's father) from Penza region of Russia; the entire skull is too big to be CT scanned locally to better determine its status (in Russian)



Arthurdactylus (in Russian)



Feathered dinosaurs and the troodontid egg found in Siberia, interview with Stepan Ivantsov (in Russian)


Valentina Markova helped identify egg (in Russian)



University of Bologna paleontologist Federico Fanti wins a Sciacca Award for young people under 35 who have distinguished themselves in their field of activity, study or work (in Italian)



13-year-old Andryusha Zakutnye from Mukachevo, the Ukraine, who has hemophilia, bicycled across part of America with his father and got to meet paleontologist Paul Sereno, a personal dream (in Ukrainian)



Messel Pit dig moratorium controversy intensifies after the World Heritage Site designation, with a major drop in tourism and blocked scientific access (in German)



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