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[dinosaur] FW: Paleo Society Graduate Program Directory

With apologies for cross-posting.


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Subject: Paleo Society Graduate Program Directory




Dear Colleagues,

The Paleontological Society is happy to announce that it is initiating an online directory of graduate programs in paleontology, to be posted on the PS website. This directory will include both M.S. and Ph.D. programs. Each entry will consist of university and department names, contact information, which degree(s) are offered, and a link to the program website.

We are inviting Paleontological Society Professional members to submit information about their graduate program for inclusion in this directory. Please visit the following webpage to enter your data:

The information you supply will be posted to a webpage on the PS website. We hope to have the directory up in time for this fall's graduate school application cycle.

Peg Yacobucci, Secretary

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