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[dinosaur] Yumenerpeton, new chroniosuchian anthracosauromorph from Middle Permian of China (free pdf)

Ben Creisler

A new paper, with open access pdf link:

Yumenerpeton yangi gen. & sp. nov.

JIANG Shan,  JI Shu-an  & MO Jinyou (2017)
First record of Bystrowianid Chroniosuchians (Amphibia: Anthracosauromorpha) from the Middle Permian of China.
Acta Geologica Sinica 91(5): 1523-1529 (English edition)

Free pdf:


Chroniosuchians are basal tetrapods owing to Antrhacosauromorpha and the oldest species of chroniosuchians have been recorded in the Late Permian of Russia so far. In this study, we present evidence for the existence in the Middle Permian of China, based on well preserved diagnostic vertebrae with associated osteoderms from the Dashankou fauna in northwestern China. The finds clearly show interosteoderm articulation pattern between the adjacent scutes in bystrowianids. The features observed in Yumenerpeton yangi may warrant the close proximity or phyletic succession of the chroniosuchis and bystrowianid types of the osteoderm design.


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