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Re: [dinosaur] Jehol Biota rise and fall + protoceratopsids from Alxa, Inner Mongolia, China + more free pdfs

Brad McFeeters <archosauromorph2@hotmail.com> wrote:

> That one might simply be a mistake, "Theropoda" and "Thecodontia" are fairly
> similar-looking words.

Yes that would make sense.  It also accords with the citations of Xing
Xu's work to support this "Thecodontia-origin" of birds (if it's a
typo and they actually meant "Theropoda-origin")

Jaime Headden <jaimeheadden@gmail.com> wrote:

> It seems certain schools are still using the ancient use of
> Thecodontia. How has this not passed into the recesses of history,
> yet?

Thankfully, the obsolete (and obfuscating) term "Thecodontia" has
almost disappeared from current usage, except in historical contexts
(as Shao et al. appear to use it).  Even Feduccia avoids the word
"thecodont" in his most recent 'birds-are-not-dinosaurs'
publications/fulminations.  Instead, he prefers the term
"non-dinosaurian archosaurs" to denote the ancestors of birds (as well
as birds themselves).  This is just re-branding a discredited and
outmoded hypothesis, with "thecodont" replaced by an unspecified avian
ancestor that is not dinosaurian - so it's more of an 'antithesis'
than an actual hypothesis.