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Recent episode of BBC radio pgoram "In Our Time" looks at feathered
dinosaurs, guests are Michael Benton, Steve Brusatte, and Maria

"Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the development of theories about
dinosaur feathers, following discoveries of fossils which show
evidence of feathers. All dinosaurs were originally thought to be
related to lizards - the word 'dinosaur' was created from the Greek
for 'terrible lizard' - but that now appears false. In the last
century, discoveries of fossils with feathers established that at
least some dinosaurs were feathered and that some of those survived
the great extinctions and evolved into the birds we see today. There
are still many outstanding areas for study, such as what sorts of
feathers they were, where on the body they were found, what their
purpose was and which dinosaurs had them."



Michael D. Barton
Portland, OR