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[dinosaur] Trematochampsa a nomen dubium, status of Trematochampsidae for Gondwanan crocodyliforms

Ben Creisler

A new paper:

Louise M. V. Meunier & Hans C. E. Larsson (2017)
Trematochampsa taqueti as a nomen dubium and the crocodyliform diversity of the Upper Cretaceous In Beceten Formation of Niger.
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, zlx061 (advance online publication)
doi:  https://doi.org/10.1093/zoolinnean/zlx061

Trematochampsa taqueti was described over 40 years ago based on the fragmentary material from the Coniacian–Santonian aged In Beceten Formation of Niger. Trematochampsa taqueti consists of a holotype lacrimal and many referred cranial and postcranial elements. Since, no new fossils for this important taxon have been recovered. In spite of its fragmentary state, T. taqueti has played an important role in crocodyliform phylogenetics as the founding taxon for Trematochampsidae, a clade with which many Gondwanan crocodyliforms have been allied. We present a revision of T. taqueti and all material assigned to it. The holotype, a partial right lacrimal, is re-examined and compared to the current understanding of Crocodyliformes diversity. This comparison recovers no autapormophies for the holotype and we suggest T. taqueti be considered a nomen dubium. We further recommend abandoning the taxon Trematochampsidae. The remaining material originally attributed to T. taqueti is divided into several distinct crocodyliform morphotypes. We find affinities of several bones with peirosaurids, Araripesuchus, Anatosuchus minor, derived notosuchians and neosuchians. The collection originally assigned to T. taqueti instead represents the presence of a hitherto unappreciated diversity of crocodyliforms in the In Beceten Formation.

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