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[dinosaur] Mystery theropod from Hell Creek + Berlin Brachiosaurus + Josep Vicent Santafé Llopis + more

Ben Creisler

Some recent items:

Mystery theropod jaw found in Hell Creek beds in Montana by Kansas University team



More on preserving Dinosaur Ridge Morrison dino tracks




Soriatitan (in Spanish)




Studying the history behind the Berlin "Brachiosaurus" [Giraffatitan] from Tendaguru in the face of recent efforts by politicians in Tanzania to reclaim the fossil remains;  project is called „Dinosaurier in Berlin. Brachiosaurus brancai als wissenschaftliche, politische und kulturelle Ikone, 1906–2016“. [Dinosaur in Berlin. Brachiosaurus brancai as scientific, political, and culture icon, 1906-2016]. When the fossils were excavated, the site in the colonial region was considered <<herrenloses Land>> [ungoverned or unclaimed land] that supposedly belonged to no one, distinguished from native-controlled lands. New dinosaur fossils excavated in Tendaguru by the Berlin Museum belong to Tanzania (in German)



Also, on a sad note, the death of  paleontologist Josep Vicent Santafé Llopis, who studied dinosaurs in Spain, included tracks, and helped develop dinosaur research in the Catalan region (in Catalan)


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