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[dinosaur] Boreogomphodon (cynodont) postcranial skeleton from Upper Triassic of North Carolina (free pdf)

Ben Creisler

A new paper in open access:

 Jun Liu​, Vincent P. Schneider & Paul E. Olsen (2017)
The postcranial skeleton of Boreogomphodon (Cynodontia: Traversodontidae) from the Upper Triassic of North Carolina, USA and the comparison with other traversodontids. 
PeerJ 5:e3521
doi:  https://doi.org/10.7717/peerj.3521

Postcranial remains of Boreogomphodon from the Upper Triassic of North Carolina are described and compared to those of other known traversodontid cynodonts. The postcranial skeleton of Boreogomphodon is characterized by four sacral ribs, simple ribs lacking costal plates, the extension of the scapular neck below the acromion process, a short scapular facet on the procoracoid, a concave anterior margin of the procoracoid, humerus entepicondyle with smooth corner, and the presence of a fifth distal carpal. Four types of ribs are identified among traversodontids: ‘normal’ form, tubercular rib, costal plate, and Y-shaped rib. Fossorial behavior is suggested for traversodontids with elaborate costal plates. Within Traversodontidae, the procoracoid is relatively small; the anterior process of the iliac blade extends anteroventrally to different degrees in different taxa, which facilitates retraction of the femur; and the limb bones show allometric growth in terms of length and width.