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Re: [dinosaur] Ivantsov 2014 needed

Ben Creisler

Here's the ref and a link to a pdf of the publication it appeared in. The description in Russian is on pages 123-126.

Иванцов А.Ю. Margaritiflabellum anatolii – новое проблематическое ископаемое из вендских отложений Юго-Восточного Беломорья // Тр. архангельского центра РГО. Вып. 2. Архангельск. 2014. С. 123-126. 

Roughly translated:

[Ivantsov, A. Y. (2014) Margaritiflabellum anatolii -- A new problematic fossil from the Vendian deposits of the South-Eastern White Sea. Proceedings of the Arkhangelsk Center of the Russian Geographic Society. Vol. 2. Arkhangelsk 2014, pages 123-126]


On Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 1:04 PM, Yazbeck, Thomas Michael <yazbeckt@msu.edu> wrote:


Not dinosaur related but if anyone can help me I appreciate it greatly.

I need the description for Margaritiflabellum, Ivantsov, 2014 (I can't find any other information about this Ediacaran genus). It's for an interesting project we're doing in an undergraduate course regarding the Precambrian invertebrates.

Thomas Yazbeck