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[dinosaur] Fundraising campaign for The Nautilus and the Ammonite picture book

Hello, I thought I'd share a fundraising campaign from an artist friend of mine.

She is producing a children's picture book: "The Nautilus and the
Ammonite is my latest book project. It features an anonymous poem that
I simply fell in love with. The poem dates back to the 1800âs, an era
when the science of paleontology was still taking its first steps. Its
narrative follows two ancient mollusks, friends who together witness
the last days of the Cretaceous, and one - the Ammonite - who is lost
in the same event that took the dinosaurs. This book is unique in that
it juxtaposes old fashioned poetic language with contemporary visual
art. The result is a volume that explores scientific questions about
our world while contemplating philosophical implications in a way that
is as emotionally responsive as it is brainy."

Please take a look and contribute if this is something that interests you!



Michael D. Barton
Portland, OR